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VAKKA is inspired by tea. Tea is at the center of our universe, and we really want to invite you inside. The Vakka universe is about coming together, being inspired and creating good energy. But above all, it's about good taste and good tea.

  • Oolong tea

    Our fantastic organic Oolong tea grown in Fujian province, close to the East China Sea, in lush and hilly countryside. The tea has a warm, deep orange color and the taste is fresh, deep and soft with a delicate aroma with a hint of nuts.

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  • Green tea

    A beautiful organic green tea grown on the beautiful Ningshaos plain in eastern China. The tea has a fresh and elegant taste with notes of dried grass, a touch of sweetness, and a dry finish.

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  • Black tea

    Our organic black tea grows in high-altitude plantations in Yunnan province in southwest China. The tea has a beautiful dark red colour, a full and round taste without any bitterness.

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  • Ginseng Oolong

    Traditional Chinese blended tea, with ginseng root, licorice root powder, panda grass.

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Hvem er VAKKA?

VAKKA er startet ud fra en passion for god te og hvad det medbringer, at samles, god energi og ikke mindst god smag.

Hos os går vi ikke på kompromis med kvalitet, smag eller råvarer. Vi kombinerer den dybe østlige kultur og traditioner med vestlig innovation og bæredygtige tankegang.

Derfor kan vi levere noget af det bedste te i verden.