Kvinde plukker te i en te-mark

VAKKA's Teabar offers freshly harvested tea leaves

The fresh tea leaves can be tasted in the Tea Bar or you can try them at home with our tea brewer

During these weeks, leaves are harvested from the Camellia Sinensis plant (also known as the tea bush). The leaves are the key ingredients in various tea varieties, such as green tea, black tea and oolong tea, which are part of VAKKA's range and which we use to make our kambucha and tea products.

Harvesting and hand-picking of tea is usually done in the spring when the leaves are young and fresh. Harvesting is a careful process, where the pickers go around the tea plantation and handpick the youngest and tastiest leaves on the tea bush, as these leaves are of the highest quality.

The pickers usually use gloves when picking the leaves to avoid affecting the leaves with sweat or dirt from their hands. The fresh leaves are sorted and separated from stems and other impurities.

After sorting, the leaves are usually exposed to light heat sources, such as the sun or hot plates. This stops the enzyme activity and prevents oxidation of the leaves.

The leaves are then carefully rolled by hand and the rolling breaks the cell structures of the leaves, which releases the essential oils and enzymes that affect the taste and aroma of the tea.

After rolling, the leaves are usually subjected to further drying to completely stop enzyme activity and remove any residual moisture. Drying can take place in an oven or by exposing the leaves to hot air and hot plates.

The leaves are then sorted by size and quality, and usually packed in airtight containers or bags to preserve flavor and aroma.

VAKKA's employees follow the entire logistics from farm to table. This means that we focus on the entire process, from the selection of fields with organic tea plants, monitor the production and ensure that the important quality control is carried out, and then we are also responsible for the logistics from China to Denmark. So that we ensure that the tea leaves that arrive at our tea bar are of the best organic quality.

It's just so VAKKA.😊

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