Own import

To ensure that we can always deliver the same good quality, we focus on the entire supply chain from Earth to

We have employees and partners in China who ensure that our hand-picked, organic and loose tea leaves get a
gentle treatment from the moment they are harvested, packed and shipped. This gives us a high level of delivery security
at the same time as we are always sure that the quality of our products is top notch.

VAKKA is a registered tea importer and we are one of the few importers in Europe who have permission to import
organic tea from China.

Area and ecology

Our teas come from 3 very different regions in China with quite different terroir.

Green tea from the hilly cool, Xinchang County of Zhejiang Province, Oolong from the coastal monsoon influenced climate of Jianyang District, Fujian Province. Our black tea comes from the lush and misty subtropical hillsides of Fengqing County, Yunnan Province. In addition, VAKKA is certified organic. Our tea and the vast majority of our raw materials are organic.