What is VAKKA?

VAKKA is inspired by tea. Tea is at the center of our universe, and we really want to invite you inside. The Vakka universe is about coming together, being inspired and creating good energy. But above all, it's about good taste and good tea.

The word VAKKA is inspired by the old Norse word "vakker", meaning beautiful. Most people know the word from the fairy tale about the beautiful "Sleeping Beauty" and Chinese philosophy around tea is about "beauty".

Our tea adventure is about not compromising on either quality, taste or ingredients: our tea is among the best in the world.

VAKKA combines Eastern and Western culture and draws inspiration from both places. We don't believe in "either or". We believe in "both and". From the East, we bring a millennia-long tradition of growing and brewing tea. We know and make effective use of the many traditions and rituals associated with tea brewing in China.

From the West, we incorporate first class organic raw materials, innovation and a sustainable way of thinking. At the same time, we draw on the expertise of innovative taste developers from the gastronomic world, who are constantly experimenting with creating new and rich taste experiences.

  • VAKKA and sustainability

    At VAKKA, we think and act with consideration for the environment, because we want to take care of the world - and you. We are in dialogue with contributors throughout the supply chain, and we get involved because it matters to us. We know it makes a difference. Our goal is to have our own organic tea plantations and to an even greater extent support the local communities and the skilled tea farmers.

    We fight food waste
    As part of our vision and desire for sustainability, we also use our tea leaves after tea brewing. It is pure magic when we think about the transformation a tea leaf undergoes and how much pleasure can be produced from one small leaf. We brew kombucha from the remaining leaves and thereby avoid even more waste.

VAKKA's three cornerstones

VAKKA's wisdom is based on three cornerstones "Gathering, Sharing and Self-discovery", which together create VAKKA's universe. Our universe is both inspired by the old Zen traditions and by philosophical thoughts.

  • Gathering

    For VAKKA, meeting is more than just a coincidence. It is a conscious choice to create with the human encounter in focus. We must free ourselves from routines and dare to choose what is special in the meeting, discover each other and create meaningful experiences together. At VAKKA you can meet with your family or friends. New meetings and communities can arise based on the tea and your willingness to create meaningful experiences together.

  • Sharing

    At VAKKA, "sharing" is the essence of the meeting between people. When we enter into a meaningful meeting, feelings grow within ourselves and between the people in the meeting. Tea can be used as a link between people of different ages, different societies and different cultures. When we share, we grow and learn from each other. At VAKKA, tea is what connects us as people.

  • Self-discovery

    With roots in Zen, VAKKA uses tea as an instrument to come into harmony with oneself by exploring oneself. In our modern and fast-paced world, there is a need to create breathing holes where we stop, notice and recharge - these breathing holes are best created with a cup of VAKKA tea in hand. That is what VAKKA's tea universe is all about. That is the essence.