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Handmade tea can - metal gray

Handmade tea can - metal gray

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Handmade tea tin.

If you like tea, it pays to invest in one of VAKKA's tea cans. It is important that your tea is stored correctly in order to preserve the tea's quality, freshness and taste over time, and there are several reasons for this.

When the tea leaves are exposed to oxygen, they can begin to oxidize, which can negatively affect the taste and aroma of the tea. By storing tea in a tightly sealed tea tin, you can minimize the effect of oxygen on the tea leaves and extend the shelf life of the tea leaves. This is especially important for green teas and slightly oxidized teas that are more sensitive to oxygen.

In addition to protecting the tea leaves from oxidation, it is important that the tea tin retains moisture in the tea leaves. The tea leaves must be stored at a suitable humidity to stay fresh and avoid drying out. If the tea leaves are exposed to too much moisture, they can become moldy. If, on the other hand, they lose too much moisture, they can lose their aroma and taste. A teapot with a tight-fitting lid helps maintain proper humidity and protect the tea leaves from moisture-related problems.

Light can also spoil your tea as light can accelerate the oxidation process and break down the tea's natural flavours. By storing tea in one of VAKKA's tea tins, you can protect the tea leaves from harmful light rays and preserve their quality and taste for a longer time.

In addition, tea leaves have the ability to absorb odors from the environment, so it is important to protect them from strong odors that can affect the taste of the tea. A tight-fitting tea tin prevents odor transfer and preserves the tea's original character and aroma.

Last but not least, insects also want to get their teeth into your tea leaves, so it is important to have a tea can with a tight-fitting lid to protect the tea leaves from insect attack and preserve their purity.

So that's why it's important to choose a good tea tin and at VAKKA we have handmade tea tins for you that do a little extra for yourself and your tea.

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