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Organic golden

Organic golden

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VAKKA's organic golden (50g)

VAKKA's golden powder is a round and nuanced mixture of our own organic black tea and organic spices. Nothing else.

There is a full bang on the taste, but no sugar, preservatives or other trouble in the mix.

Golden is designed to make a delicious golden latte, with your favorite type of milk, and provides a wonderful creamy and spicy taste experience.

Black tea and delicious turmeric are at the center. Cinnamon, ginger and pepper help lift the nuances and balance the experience

How to brew VAKKA's golden latte:

VAKKA's organic golden is slowly heated with your favorite milk.

Use approx. 2 teaspoons per Cup (2 - 2½ dl).

Whip up the milk for an extra airy & delicious golden latte

You can also mix in a bit of freshly brewed black tea if you want a slightly lighter golden latte.


Turmeric*, VAKKA's black tea*, cinnamon*, ginger*, pepper*.

* = organic


Dry and not too warm

Net weight:

50 grams, which corresponds to approximately 25 servings.

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