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Tea brewer & Organic tea

Tea brewer & Organic tea

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Here you get both VAKKA's unique tea brewer and 100 grams of our tasty organic tea.

  • Tea maker 300 ml
  • VAKKA's tea brewer is a unique combination of tea brewer and thermos cup. Can be used on the go, in the office, on holiday or at home in the kitchen. It can be used for both cold brew and regular hot brewed tea.

    It is simple to use and easy to clean. The construction also makes it easy to brew several times on the same tea leaves and get full benefit from VAKKA's quality tea. (Yes, it can also be used with other teas than VAKKA's).

  • 100 grams of VAKKA's organic tea : (You must choose one)
    • WACKY organic green tea, you must choose if you want a fresh and elegant taste with notes of dried grass, a touch of sweetness, and a dry finish.
    • Our ecological _ Oolong tea has a warm, deep orange color and the taste is fresh, deep and soft with a delicate aroma with a hint of nuts. Oolong tea is many people's favorite evening tea. We understand why.
    • If you want a tea with an intense and structured taste, you must choose ours organic black tea. , A taste that lasts a long time without becoming bitter. The aroma is soft and lasting.

    Read more about our teas in our online shop here.

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    Included in your delivery is what you need for packaging (cellophane bag, round cardboard base with gold and silver print, string & sticker for bow.

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