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VAKKA and black tea

What is black tea?

Black tea, like other tea varieties, comes from the plant Camillia sinensis and the tea contains the super healthy polyphenols. The black color occurs as a result of oxidation (oxygenation), where the plant's enzymes begin to break down the cell wall, which gives the black color. The process is similar to the one we know from a pruned apple
that changes color because it is exposed to oxygen.

Black tea is the most oxidized of all tea categories. According to traditional Chinese medicine, black tea is most suitable for those who live in cold climates because it warms and nourishes the body. The tea stimulates digestion, dilates the blood vessels and strengthens the heart.

Black tea is the most widespread tea type in the world and 80 percent of all teas that are produced and sold are black tea. However, the processing processes can vary greatly from country to country or region to region, and thus the tea can appear differently.

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