NYHED - Grøn kombucha nu på dåse

NEW - Green kombucha now in a can

Green kombucha now canned

We have had great demand for our popular kombucha and have now chosen to produce a canned version.

Like our other products, VAKKA's Green kombucha is organic and grown under strict control to ensure that only the finest ingredients find their way into the beautifully designed cans. Our focus is still sustainability and we have of course used our own organic tea, Scoby and a bit of organic cane sugar for the fermentation, which results in the well-known refreshing drink that can be enjoyed with a clear conscience.

So if you're looking for an authentic and tangy refreshment that fits your healthy lifestyle, look no further. Canned green kombucha is here to stay, so it's no surprise that it's already become so popular that we've almost sold out.

One of the keys to VAKKA's success with our kombucha is its authentic taste. The intense acidity is a tribute to kombucha's traditional roots, but at the same time it manages to stand out with a unique freshness that gives the taste buds an experience out of the ordinary. The drink is lightly sparkling and offers a perfect balance between sour and sweet.

Our Green kombucha comes in a handy 250ml can, making it easy to take on the go, work or to enjoy at home.

But be careful!!! Our kombucha tastes so good that you will quickly become addicted.

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