Hjemmelavet iste

Homemade iced tea

Total time: 10 min. Working time: 10 min. Quantity: 1 litre

Ice cream is one of VAKKA's absolute favorites and a refreshing and cool necessity for the hot summer days.

Iced tea comes in many different forms. One of the first things to decide when making iced tea is how you want to make your tea. It can be made in the normal way with warm water. Here in the tea bar, we usually let the leaves steep a little longer than usual to create a strong tea base. With VAKKA's own tea leaves, this corresponds to approx. 4 min drawing time. Afterwards, it must be cooled, either by pouring it directly over ice cubes or putting it in the refrigerator. The other option is to make it as a cold brew. Here you let your tea steep in cold water from the tap for approx. 10 hours in the fridge. Here you can advantageously let it soak overnight. The taste becomes milder and a fine tea taste compared to a tea base made with hot water.

In the tea bar, we make iced tea with green tea, black tea and oolong tea. Our green tea is refreshing and really good with fruit. Our black tea and oolong are really good with a slice of lemon or lime, which makes it a nice and fresh iced tea.

We will come up with our own recipes for an iced tea which can be made with green, black and oolong tea respectively.

1 liter of strawberry iced tea on VAKKA's green tea


  • 10g green tea
  • 5 fresh strawberries
  • 25 ml syrup (Maple or homemade)

Course of action

Make your tea base either by brewing a tea base in hot water or as a cold brew (If it is made as a cold brew, the carriers can be cut into quarters and left together with the tea leaves overnight). When you have your cooled tea base, add 25 ml of syrup per liters, the carriers are added (If they have not pulled together with the tea leaves). Now your iced tea is ready and ready to be served with iced tea on a warm summer day.

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