Tea brewer product description

VAKKA's unique tea brewer can be used on the go, in the office, on holiday or at home in the kitchen.

Tea brewer

VAKKA's tea brewer is a unique transportable tea brewer for both hot and cold water. You can use it on the go, in the office, on holiday or at home in the kitchen.

The tea maker consists of 3 parts: The large container for the water. It is made of double-walled glass, which creates a thermal function that protects the hands from the heat from the water. The middle part is made of stainless steel and silicone. A filter sits here and acts as an insulating link between the large and small container. The small container is also made of glass and is intended to contain the tea leaves.

Here's how you do it

Fill the brewer with tea and water and turn it around. After a minute, your tea is ready to brew. You just have to turn it around again, unscrew the lid and Voila! You can drink directly from the double-walled brewer or pour into your favorite mug.

You can use VAKKA's Tea to brew several cups of tea, so that the used tea leaves are ready for the next brew in the lid. Practical and hygienic. So if you want another cup, just add more water and repeat the process.

You can also brew cold tea and it is just as easy, but the steeping time is quite a bit longer (2-10 hours).

It is super simple to use, easy to clean and can of course be washed in the dishwasher

The construction makes it easy to brew several times on the same tea leaves and get the full benefit of VAKKA's quality tea.

(If so, it can also be used with other teas than VAKKA's).


Materials: Glass, stainless steel and silicone
Weight: 465 grams
Dimensions: H22 cm, Ø7 cm

In case of damaged or broken parts, it is possible to order new individual parts for the tea brewer.