Organic green tea product description

VAKKA's green tea has lived its life on the hilltops of Zhejiang province, which is located on the eastern coast of China. The landscape here consists of hilly terraces, where clouds and fog surround the hilltops. It is a very lush area and it benefits the beautiful tea plants, which have all the prerequisites to grow big and strong. The temperature on the hilly terraces is an average of 15-16 °C, which creates the perfect conditions for this beautiful tea.

VAKKA's selected green tea has a very special history. It was very famous in ancient China, but was forgotten and had been lost for many years. Fortunately, it was found and brought back to life in the 80s. Just like a treasure that was hidden but was found. And that's what our organic green tea is - a treasure. It is quite special and sprouts earlier than other tea varieties in China. It can already be harvested in March. It is picked around the vernal equinox, and heated quickly after picking. In this way, the natural oxidation process, which continues in both oolong tea and black tea, is stopped . The leaves are rolled flat and have the most beautiful green color.

You must choose our organic green tea if you want a fresh and elegant taste with notes of dried grass, a hint of sweetness, and a dry finish.

Oxidation: Not oxidized

Process: The tea is heat-treated immediately after picking to preserve the green color. The tea leaves are then smoothed and rolled completely flat. Finally, the leaves are dried under high heat to stop the natural oxidation process.

How to brew the tea

To achieve the most refined taste, we recommend that you use 2 teaspoons (with top) of tea for every half liter of water. You get the purest taste by pouring over the tea leaves with boiled water that has a temperature of 75-80 degrees. Then let it soak for 1-2 minutes. Filter the tea leaves immediately after brewing. There are lots of flavors in our tea leaves and the same tea leaves can be reused several times.

Dry and dark

Net weight: 100g