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Tea set

Tea set

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VAKKA's tea set contains everything you need to make tea in true VAKKA fashion. Our smart tea brewer together with our 3 different tea varieties gives you the opportunity to try it all.

  • VAKKA tea maker 300 ml
  • VAKKA's tea brewer is a unique transportable tea brewer for both hot and cold water. Can be used on the go, in the office, on holiday or at home in the kitchen. Read more about the tea brewer here .

    • The 3 variants included are:

    VAKKA's organic green tea. It has a fresh and elegant taste with notes of dried grass, a hint of sweetness, and a dry finish.

    VAKKA's organic Oolong tea. It has a warm, deep orange color and the taste is fresh, deep and soft with a delicate aroma with a touch of nuts. Oolong tea is many people's favorite evening tea. We understand why.

    VAKKA's organic black tea. It has an intense and structured taste. A taste that lasts a long time without becoming bitter. The aroma is soft and lasting.

  • VAKKA teapot
  • The brightly colored design with stylized tea leaves was created for VAKKA by the artist Jeanett Knipschildt. Keep your tea dry and safe and secure here.

    VAKKA's tea set contains:

    • 1 x tea maker
    • 1 x 50g organic green tea
    • 1 x 50g organic oolong tea
    • 1 x 50g organic black tea
    • 1 x VAKKA teapot

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    • VAKKA te brygger med termofunktion. En hånd fylder økologisk grøn te på og gør klar til varm te eller iste


      Separate lid and filter. Find your favorite tea and fill the lid. Then fill the thermobrewer with 80-85 degree warm water.

    • Mand ser på Vakka te brygger med oolong te i ved siden af et timeglas

      After that

      Twist together and turn upside down. See here how the water and the tea mix, while the bubbles rise to the top.

    • Mand hælder økologisk sort te over i en kop fra Vakka te brygger


      After a few minutes, your tea is ready. Unscrew the top and drink directly from the thermos or pour the tea into your favorite cup.

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