What is VAKKA Tea Bar?

There are plenty of good coffee bars in Copenhagen, but there are far fewer places to go if you love tea – both the classic and innovative kind. Therefore, VAKKA Tea Bar is the right place to go to get tea at a seriously high level, where tea-based drinks are made that no one has made before in Denmark.

At VAKKA Te Bar in Elmegade, you can taste everything from classic hot tea to cold brew and tea latte with creamy milk. Get homemade kombucha in a glass or bottle. Get tea soft ice, iced tea and tea-based cocktails. Taste Oolong Colada made with Plantation Rum, coconut, pineapple and kombucha. Enjoy green tea quila with green tea, Arette Blanco tequila and elderflower. Buy loose tea so you can brew tea at home. Get everything from green tea to black tea and Oolong brought home from large and small sustainable plantations. Buy brewing equipment, snacks and much more.

VAKKA Tea Bar works with some of the world's finest teas, which we bring home from sustainable plantations in China. We respect the traditions, which create good conditions for everyone in the value chain.

So come down to the store and taste VAKKA's range, or order online where you can pick up your order!

  • Tea

    Classic hot or cold tea that is either brewed with Chinese green, black, Oolong or Ginseng Oolong tea.

  • Latte

    Tea latte in many different flavors with creamy milk that is available plant-based or as regular milk.

  • Kombucha

    Homemade bottled kombucha. Available in several varieties such as green tea, Oolong tea or classic.

  • Cocktail

    VAKKA's refreshing homemade cocktails. Enjoy a delicious tea-based cocktail.