VAKKA showroom menu card

Stop by our showroom and try ours


Choose between 3 different organic teas
Green, Black & Oolong
Or our special Ginseng Oolong
DKK 35 / 38

Cold brew

Today's organic brew
DKK 35 / 38

Tea Latte

Oolong/Black, Chai, Golden, Matcha, Choco

On cow's or plant milk
DKK 40 / 45


Organic and home-brewed, also bottled
DKK 38 / 42

ice tea

DKK 40 / 45


Come down and test this week's edition
DKK 85

Soft Ice

Of course with Tesmag. Available during the summer term
DKK 35 / 40


Tasty, Gluten-free, organic
DKK 25, 2 for DKK 40

Stop by the store at Elmegade 14, 2200 Copenhagen N

Or have it delivered right to your door with Wolt here .

Tea Base

We always start the day by brewing a solid & intense tea base on both Green and

Oolong. Raw amounts of tea and extra long steeping time. The tea base is the basis of our Tea Latte. It also gives a wonderful smell in the shop while you go and open.

Cold Brew

We brew our cold brew for several hours to give you a rounder taste, less caffeine and less bitterness. Tasty alternative to ... most things. Really good with a scoop of ice cubes and a piece of fruit or two.

Kombucha Love

We enjoy our kombucha brewing daily. We test the ph value & temperature and then taste it. When it is exactly as delicious as it should be, it is smoked in a bottle, given a label and a place in the fridge in the bar.

...or at your home.

Friday bar - popup

We celebrate the start of the weekend with a cocktail or two, every now and then.